The Pacific Rim Modular Housing concept has been developed to address the requirements of affordable, strong, resilient and easily maintained housing to suit the harshest conditions.

We offer modern looking homes which are cheaper, stronger and easier to maintain than anything on the market. Our initial range includes:

All are constructed totally in steel and insulated sandwich panelled steel Colorbond.

The Pacific Rim Modular Housing buildings are designed by our inhouse architect and engineer. Our experience in city planning can be utilised when building larger numbers in one community to ensure a more pleasing street-scape. In larger communities additional designs can be offered for variety, including colour varieties. Our modern sturdy design is constructed with the highest Cyclone rating. Because of the steel structure and panels, the floor-plan is adjustable to suit specific community requirements.

We believe can offer many times more the number of houses for the same budget spend, however we believe the Pacific Rim Modular Houses are in fact better suited to the environment and for the purpose because of the strength of build and materials used. In addition to the savings on the initial purchase, further savings will come from reduced maintenance and repair costs.

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